Emigration from Iceland to North America Hálfdan Helgason - ResourcesÍslendingabók - Icelandic Genealogy Search Engine by Friđrik Skúlason - Requires an Icelandic Social Security Number to Use the Database
Cyndi`s List of Genealogy - Iceland Index of ResourcesCyndi`s List of Genealogy - Manitoba Canada Index of Resources
Genealogy Helplist for Iceland Helpful Folks ListedGenealogy Resources by Veritas Prep How to Start a Genealogy Search - USA Data Base
Genealogy Resources for Iceland Links to 5 Good SitesIceland Genealogy Links - Index of Links
Icelandic Emigration Center (Leaving to North America) Museum & Genealogy Information in HofsosRoots to Trees - Genealogy Research (based in North Dakota) Special Knowledge of Icelandic Genealogy
The Emigration from Iceland to Canada & USA by Hálfdan HelgasonThe Icelandic Emigration Centre Hofsós Information About Major Migration to Canada
Iceland Genealogy Forum Post Messages, Search the Forum & Get AnswersIcelandic Names How Surnames Change in Iceland
The Icelandic Emigration: Prologue to Emigration The National Archives of Iceland Records from Long Ago
Townships in Iceland - Source of Emigration to Canada & USA Index for 23 Counties - Where Icelandic Families OriginatedCyndi`s List of Icelandic Genealogy Portal to Many Genealogy Links
Family Search Engine - Mormans Source: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (USA)Genealogical Research Services Source: Manitoba Genealogical Society
Genealogy Helplist Iceland Contacts in Iceland Who Offer AssistanceIceland Genealogy - by RootsWeb
Icelandic Emigration: A New Society of Western Icelanders Manitoba in the 1880`sManitoba Historical Services Census up to 1901, Immigration Records, Church Records & Provincial Heritage Sites
Family Reunion: July 2001 in Manitoba, Canada Pétur Stefán Guđmundsson & Guđrún Jóhanna BenjamínsdóttirGenealogy Helplist - Iceland Four Helpful Individuals Listed
Genealogy of Ţórđur Árnason Ţórđar is Interested to Share Genealogy NotesLudvik Fridriksson - Genealogy Home Page Family Details Outlined
The National Registry of Persons in Iceland Icelanders in North America: Bibliography of Books Source: Fiske Collection, Cornell University
Index of Surnames 4958 Individuals, 2669 FamiliesSearch for My Icelandic Roots by Myron Olafsson
Canada Immigration Report of 1887 - Icelanders Settlement in the WestCanada Postal Code Search Insert an Address to Obtain the Postal Code in Canada
Canadian Genealogy Resources Site Index - by ProvinceIcelandic Cancer Society
Icelandic Family Genealogy Forum Questions and Answers

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